To our staff
Each staff member is entitled to an additional one week of paid annual leave if this is used for voluntary /humanitarian purposes.

To our clients
Offering specialist advice in the area of philanthropic giving.

Providing fully researched and measurable Social Impact investment portfolios where required.

To the wider community
Our heart has always been to see lives changed, particularly through charitable giving. Trinity Wealth Management sponsors our charity Trinity Ministries Charitable Trust and we use the trust to facilitate a lot of our CSR.

Hertfordshire can be perceived as a wealthy County but there are pockets of deprivation all over the county and in St Albans itself there is hidden debt and hardship as families can struggle with the high cost of housing. Trinity is committed to invest into projects that will help the local community to help those who are struggling.

  • Christians Against Poverty – St Albans branch. We fund a key worker one day a week. As our business targets those who are amongst the most financially fortunate in our society we are only too aware of the effect of insufficient finances can have. By partnering with CAP, we ensure that we can give back some of the wealth created to support those most in distress and financial need. Supporting CAP builds a perfect partnership for a Wealth Management Company.
  • Youthscape, Luton Gives young people the best social, emotional and spiritual foundation on which to build their lives and achieve their potential. Youth is our future so we choose to invest in a charity working with young people in this way.
  • Azalea, Luton. Works with women who want to walk free from sexual exploitation. We choose to help fund a charity working to help woman see their lives restored from abuse and drug dependency to living a healthy, independent, empowered life. We were introduced to Azalea by the founder of this small charity who lives in Harpenden.

Global poverty
Projects including the building of homes and schools in both Dominican Republic and Sierra Leone. Watch the videos from Director Jon Cobb’s last visits to these wonderful but challenging countries.

A house, part of a sustainability project, bought by Trinity to bring a family out of the slums. 2022
An update on the development of homes, a school and business to bring families out of poverty. 2022
Jon outside one of the Home Leone sites explaining the aims the charity has to transform slum living. 2017
Jon Cobb talking about the project Home Leone. 2017

As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of customer loyalty and support. We have a policy to support local business where ever possible. As result 70% of our suppliers are Hertfordshire based which helps to boost the local economy and support the environment as we keep supplier miles to a minimum.

Within the office complex at Cedar Court which incorporates over 27 businesses, Trinity were the first to implement a recycling strategy as part of our waste management.

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