Trinity have a passion to see lives change through philanthropic advice and charitable giving. In 2006 the directors set up Trinity Ministries Charitable Trust, a charitable arm of the company as a way of giving something back to society. Each year between 10-20% of the company profits are donated into the Trust. Clients are encouraged to consider charitable giving as part of their tax planning. As a company, our focus on charitable giving is often a reason our clients will choose to use us.

Clearing Trusts
In 2019 the Trust entered a new phase in its history when it partnered with Stewardship Services to help manage the administration and distribution of client funds including the provision of an online account management service.

Corporate projects
By keeping clients informed of the projects which Trinity Wealth Management support, we are hopeful that they will be inspired to join with us in funding projects in which they can feel secure that the due diligence has been fulfilled.

Mission to charities
We have found an opportunity to help charities increase their income through allowing us to advise their top donors. When your financial planning is in order, it is easier to distinguish what is available to give away. This benefits both the giver and the receiver.

If you are involved in a charity, perhaps you would be interested in learning more? Please do contact us.

Thank you to our clients from The Dominican Republic

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